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Turning Pro

The moment I have been waiting the last 12 years for has finally come. Those who know me understand my passion for the game of golf and my desire to continue to improve. I just turned professional about 6 months ago now, and what an awesome experience and journey it has been so far. I’m going to try to do a better job of regular blog postings on the road in order to fill everyone in on what is going on! These first few months has been a massive learning curve and I want to update everyone on what has been happening and what the future will hold as well!

I decided to turn professional after an awesome year of amateur golf in 2019. I wrote a separate post about that season and how important it has been for my confidence level in my game and ability to compete. My confidence has never been greater, and that season was absolutely critical in helping me realize my potential! Golf is a game that makes it very difficult to maintain a high level of confidence, but it is a requirement to play well.

My day now consists of weight training and working on my game 100% of the time. Skins games, competing with anyone who wants to play during the “off times,” and traveling mostly within the states in order to compete in tournaments fills up a lot of time. Golf is a game that requires such an incredible amount of time, at least for me! Some guys make it easy but I need to keep the club in my hands as much as possible.

The goal by the end of the year is to have a job on a professional tour. 2021 will be my first full year of professional golf, but 2022 will be the first year I play a full schedule of events during the year.

My first ever professional trip was back in December in Napa, CA. I posted a few pics of my first event down below and boy was it nerve-wracking. Weather was perfect for round one, but my game certainly was not. It is funny to look back at the huge expectation I put over playing professional golf and competing at the pro level. Turns out, it is just golf. Good golf will always be good golf, regardless of where you are at, what the weather is, or who else is playing in the event. We ended up having to deal with some pretty poor conditions in the second round of the tournament, wind and quite a bit of rain made it very difficult. I ended up shooting the round of the day, and earning myself a rewarding $110 dollar professional check. It could not have been a better first tournament as a pro. My good friend Jim Greenwood caddied for me and we had an awesome time, and finished top 15 in both of the events we played that week.

With all that being said, I am still putting 100% of my focus into playing professional golf for the next several years of my life. I need all the help I can get from family, friends, local businesses, and anyone else that I come across that is interested in my story and wants to be involved. I’m not the best at asking for help, but at this time in my life I truly need it. Playing golf at the highest level is going to take all of my energy and efforts. My team around me is going to help me get the rest of the way!

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