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Fall 2016

Last night, the NNU Women’s and Men’s golf teams concluded the fall season. The featured photo is one of my favorite holes on the course this week, number 17 at Colombia Edgewater Country Club. While I did not get to play, it was definitely one of my favorite tracks we have been to.

This was the first college golf experience for me on the “other side” of things, as an assistant coach. The experience has been incredible thus far, at least for me! Trips have been a blast, and while the weather has not been the absolute best, it has still been a ton of fun being with the guys and gals on the road. Coaching has been extremely helpful in growing my golf ability as well, watching from the sidelines, mannerisms and attitudes on the course are a lot easier to see. During the heat of the battle, we often get caught up in our own world, and block out a lot of what anyone else says, which I can definitely relate to.

MBA courses have been taking up most of my spare time during the day, so time has been absolutely flying by. I cannot hardly believe I am almost to the halfway point in my Masters Degree. The courses have been very challenging, yet rewarding, and extremely valuable. It is really to see how these classes will help me in whatever job I have in the future, after golf. Coaching has actually directly coincided with the leadership and organizational dynamics courses this quarter… funny how things work out. This quarter finishes up this week and it will be nice moving forward with a little bit more time to spend on classwork.

On a side note, there have been a few other things on my mind. Keeping up with the blog is one of my goals for this winter, along with getting going with Solar Versatility again. The company is still on my mind quite a bit, and spending time doing some product research is calling my name! It is exciting to even have an opportunity to pursue something that is my own, and something that is real. Spending time with Kevin from EvenGreen Technologies in Boise, he was adamant about the fact that we had an opportunity to get ahead of the competition with our product, and it would be great to even attempt at building a model before Christmas. As always, I will keep posting about progress going forward.

I feel like I have been so blessed to be where I am at, and I am very hungry to continue striving forward in all endeavors. God is so good, and I am very very thankful for everyone He has put in my life. I look to continue pushing forward and taking advantage of the opportunities that are put in front of me. Stay hungry friends!

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